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2015 has been a year of challenge and unfortunately a number of disappointments. On the positive side this year's convocation was a success with a wonderful working in the Temple at the Scottish Masonic Centre. Unfortunately attendance was disappointing with fewer members than we have ever recorded in attendance. Again we greatly over catered. Our District comprises 150 plus members but only 26 Scottish Royal Arch Masons attended this event a total 17% in attendance. You will agree especially that I have a score of 100% in the attendance at your convocations and would again note that the Distance from here to your Chapter is the same mileage as from your Chapter to us at the District Communication.

I express my thanks to the following Chapters who attended in supporting Numbers:

•  Acacia 1 st 2 nd and 3 rd Principal including Companions

•  St Andrews 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd Principal including Companions

•  Brixton 1 st 2 nd and 3 rd Principal including Companions

•  Douglas 1 st   2 nd  and 3rd Principal and Companions

In attendance .

•  Golden Thistle 1 st Principal and Companions

•  Amajuba 2 Companions

In Attendance with 1 or 2 members in attendance.

•  David Livingstone 1 Companion

No representation at all:

•  Eenheid Nil Companions

•  Mt Anderson Nil Companions

•  Marico Nil Companions

Chapters in dormancy or custodial management and no representation even though there are members who were entitled attend

•  Harmony

•  West Rand

•  Unity

•  Empire

Just to advise everyone that certain motions were tabled and were approved and are now binding.

These are:

•  That the following Charters will in the future hold their installation Convocations once a year at a centralised venue:

•  Cryptic Councils:

• i. Acacia

• ii. Douglas

• iii. Golden Thistle

•  Lodge and Councils

• i. Acacia

• ii. Brixton

• iii. Douglas

This joint installation will be held on a Saturday during May. This joint Installation will form the basis for the restoration of the Family weekends that we enjoyed and were hosted by the Harmony Royal Arch Chapter in Barberton. Lets recreate that wonderful interchange between us Scottish Royal Arch Maons.

•  The Royal Arch installations will also be centralised and held twice a year. Chapters will be allocated to one of these two dates but consideration will be given to Chapters who wish to have their date relocated to the next Joint Convocation: All Chapters will be expected to attend with a full complement of office bearers and any new entrants to the order so that we can properly recognise and welcome them to our order. The venue will be the Hosting Chapters home venue and listed below:

•  March/April Convocation

• i. Douglas 717SC and Host SMC Grace Ave Park Hill Gardens Germiston

• ii. Mt Anderson 743 SC;

• iii. David Livingstone 668 SC

• iv. Amajuba 316 SC

• v. Acacia 231 SC

•  August September Convocation

• i. St Andrew 647 SC and Host “CERTS Jubilee Road Boksburg”

• ii. Eenheid 841 SC

• iii. Brixton 790 SC

• iv. West Rand 331 SC

• v. Marico 324 SC

• vi. Golden Thistle 245 SC

The support given by myself and John will continue even though I am travelling some 70,000 kilometres per year to render this support. Therefore either John and or I will do our utmost to make a ceremonial visit to all Chapters which reside in this District.

As everyone knows our finances are on a sound footing but a close eye must be kept on all expenditure. To this end we regret to advise that we are not in a position to meet the increased fees required by the Scottish Craft and it is with great regret that I must advise that we may well have to dissolve the agreement we have with the Craft District. With this in mind I will be calling for volunteers to take on the office of District Grand Scribe Ezra should we have to take this step . The District will be able to cover all expenses incurred during the tenure of the Scribe E but only a small stipend will be paid. I am currently investigating alternate avenues for the Posting and keeping of our books which would ensure proper bookkeeping practices are maintained. For obvious reasons the hand over will consist of up to date records.

During the coming year we will not allow this change to affect our relationship with the District and we will make every effort to support and improve our close ties with both the Craft and the other orders. In the coming year we will try and forge the die and castings that makes us again part of that Great Brotherhood of Scottish Freemasonry.

I know a number of the Companions have expressed their desire to break the ties with Scotland due to the very bad state that our currency which is forcing us to increase our fees in Rand Terms. I appeal to every Companion to support our efforts to keep our order which is well over a 100 years old in good standing and under the Banner of Scottish Free Masonry

In closing may I and John take this opportunity of wishing all our Companions and you families a Blessed Festive season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year?

Yours Fraternally

O L Edwards

Grand Superintendent

Covid and Insurance