Roslin Park Old Age Home

Opened in 1956, the retirement village Roslin Park embodies all that is noble and good in Freemasonry. 

Started on a wing and a prayer, and very little funds, it was realized from the outset that it would never succeed without a lot of financial contributions and dedication from many Masons.  To this end,  the  other  Constitutions  were invited to participate in its funding and like the Masonic Services Committee, the constitutions are represented on the Homes committee. Cottages were added with funds from the various constitutions and the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and over the years, many alterations have taken place to the actual building.
Housing over 40 residents, upgrading of all facilities is constantly being undertaken.
                                                      A view inside a Cottage .....


The District Grand Lodge of the Central South Africa administrates Roslin Park and the funds required to run the Home.